Terms & Conditions


Ownership of Work & Presets

The customer acknowledges that it is the owner or lawful licensee of the materials supplied.

The customer acknowledges that the supplied materials do not infringe upon the intellectual property rights of any third parties and that it has secured all third party permissions, consents and releases necessary.

Photo-Edits.com, LLC agrees that any supplied materials remain intellectual property of the customer. The customer licenses Photo-Edits.com, LLC to work on the submitted material on the basis of the services requested.

Photo-Edits.com, LLC will not share any presets or materials with third parties. Photo-Edits.com, LLC will not share work publicly without first obtaining permission from the Customer.

Client Confidentiality

Photo-Edits.com, LLC will not disclose the identity of its clients except on a need to know basis within the company. The protection of the customers personal data is taken very seriously and data is only shared when necessary; e.g. between sales and accounting where contact details are required to generate invoices.

Photo-Edits.com, LLC will never share your personal data or the data of subjects in the provided material without first gaining permission from the Customer.

This includes submits to third parties and online posting.

Placing orders the Customer understands that they need to complete an order form for each and every order they would like completed. The details of this process will be clarified in a ‘Welcome’ email after their account has been created.

The Customer understands that we recommend submitting orders individually when they first become a customer. This will help maintain their style and ensure they are happy with the quality of work as Photo-Edits.com, LLC gets to know their specific style. Photo-Edits.com, LLC recommends that each order is checked and feedback submitted before placing further orders.

The Customer understands that work will not be returned until work has been paid for and that unpaid invoices will delay the delivery of completed material.

The Customer understands that the submission of an order form before artwork is uploaded and ready to be worked on will result in the order being delivered outside of Photo-Edits.com, LLC usual turnaround times or possibly declined.

Feedback on orders

Photo-Edits.com, LLC requests that feedback is delivered in a constructive manner. One of the best ways to deliver this feedback is to create a virtual copy of our edits and adjust them to the Customers specific style. This will enable Photo-Edits.com, LLC to see the steps taken to achieve the desired style.

The Customer understands that refunds will not be issued if Photo-Edits.com, LLC is not given an opportunity to rectify editing issues.


If the Customer would like to make a complaint about an order, Photo-Edits.com, LLC requests that you direct this complaint to: contact@photo-edits.com

The Customer understands that if there is an issue with achieving a particular style, Photo-Edits.com, LLC will ask the Customer to work with them by approving reference images for future orders until Photo-Edits.com, LLC feels as though they have grasped the style entirely. The Customer understands that this process will affect the turnaround time of their order based on the time taken to leave feedback or approve images.

The Customer understands that Photo-Edits.com, LLC cannot be held responsible for the personal preference of their preset being used in certain situations or how it looks with certain skin tones.

We will always try to use our initiative, however the Customer agrees that due to how subjective editing can be, that this room for artistic license must be accepted.

Any requests for adjustments to work submitted should be submitted within 7 working days of the customer receiving the order. Photo Edits are unable to make adjustments or issue refunds after this time frame has passed.

Turnaround times

The Customer understands that turnaround times are given as a guideline. In extreme circumstances turnaround times may be extended due to the nature of the personalized service Photo-Edits.com, LLC provides. August – November turnaround times may fluctuate and would be wise to add additional days to your expected turnaround time.

Customer acknowledges that Photo-Edits.com, LLC cannot be held responsible for an extended turnaround if required materials are not available. Monthly subscription customers are able to take advantage of our faster delivery times which are outlined below. To take advantage of our 7 working day turnaround for cull + edit orders, Photo-Edits.com, LLC have to be able to cull + edit in one order, Customers are unable to receive the cull before commencing with the edit. To take advantage of the 7 day turnaround for a cull + edit order image numbers must be under 10,000 RAWS and 1,000 edited images. If numbers go above this, then Photo-Edits.com, LLC will increase turnaround to 9 working days as opposed to 7.

Monthly Subscription turnaround times: Cull = 5 working days, Edit = 5 working days Cull + Edit = 7 working days

A La Carte turnaround times: Cull = Not Available Edit = 10-14 working days

House Edit

Photo-Edits.com, LLC’s House Edit offers a 5-7 working day turnaround on all orders submitted for cull and edit where the maximum number of RAW images to cull from is no greater than 5,000 and the desired number of delivered images is no greater than 500. For instances where either the number of RAWs or desired delivered files is greater than these numbers the turnaround time will increase to 5 working days.

For orders requiring culling OR editing the turnaround times remain as above.


Customer agrees that orders cannot be canceled 24 hours from the time the order form has been submitted.

Reference approval

Photo-Edits.com, LLC may ask the customer to approve references in order to ensure that the customer is happy with the edit quality and / or style of the images. The Customer understands that this may delay the turnaround time due to the approval time and adjustments that need to be made and that this will vary on a case by case basis.


Please read our Privacy Policy if you would like more information on how we use your data.